Welcome to the Toolbox of the GreenSAM project!

The Toolbox consists of collection of various tools, ranging from simple participation approaches to more complex digital tools, that can be used to engage people in silver age. As all tools have different aims, the following filters can be applied to find the tool best suitable for the user’s purposes:

    • the phase of development in which the user wants to use them (when they are developing age-friendlier and green mobility solution),
    • the aim of the engagement,
    • the number of people involved at one time and
    • the time available to implement the tool.

After the user has found the most suitable tools for them, they can read more about these tools (incl. instructions for implementation) from the Concept Papers. More general information to support implementing and evaluating different tools can be found from the Implementation guidance and the evaluation framework.

To learn all tools, press the „search” button leaving the filters unfilled.

Technical note: the Toolbox works impeccably on all browsers except Internet Explorer.